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  • Monday, February 26, 2007
    I've Been Plagiarized!!
    Head over to Freckegurl and get an update from another perspective...
    Along with some stolen pictures.....what is a sister to do?
    posted by Northern Mom @ 10:30 p.m.   2 comments
    Weekend in the 'Frew
    It was a girls weekend. Just 2 of us girls. My sister and I.

    It's been ages since we have done one of our weekends. We normally make a trek to Canada's Wonderland, although we haven't done that in ages and we thought we would make it to Cedar Point last summer, but never did. We have gone to Casinorama to see Cyndi Lauper which as a blast! We've crossed the border and gone to Kewadin.

    We've never gone too far away from home, and have never stayed too long but this weekend we checked ourselves into the Rocky Mountain House.

    We left home about 6:30 on Friday night and arrived in Renfrew just after 11, checked in, unloaded and decided to get some rest. We were up Saturday morning and we were in Ikea by 10:30, shopped, ate and the shopped some more. From there we headed over to Bayshore and wandered there for a little bit hitting the Disney Store, Eddie Bauer and Mrs TigglyWinks (who said The Gap could be closed for reno's...damn) before making our way to Calabogie to have supper with Nana and Grampa. We detoured into Arnprior and shopped at the LCBO for Saturday night. Right after supper we did the dishes, tidied the kitchen and said good bye to Nana and Grampa and headed back into town, changed our clothes and were off to my Uncle's Surprise 50th Birthday Party and had an awesome time with everyone and getting to know our 3 cousins a little better. They are a hoot! 2:30 we stumbled back to the motel, crashed until almost 1030, had breakfast, picked up Adam who was returning back to school after reading week and made the drive home. I dropped my sister off, dropped Adam off and then came home to find that Hubby has started the cabinets for the living room! Things are coming together. We had a guy come in to give us an estimate for the're gonna love this one. If we buy a Central Air system we get a free furnace...sounds great, right? The Air Conditioner is $6800.00! So much for free..LOL I don't see the need for Central Air so we need a few more estimates!
    K.... back to the weekend

    I would have loved to have met up with some special folks that I usually try to see when in the area, but there was just too much to cram into 48 hours.

    Jo spent the day with her Papa and Gramma and they took her to see Happy Feet at the theatre! It was a first for her and she really enjoyed it. We had supper, brought Jo home and by 9:30 I was wiped and off to bed I went.

    Lot's of laughs, booze and memories! It was an awesome weekend! Can't wait to do it all over again....soon OK?

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    posted by Northern Mom @ 8:22 p.m.   3 comments
    Wednesday, February 21, 2007
    We've been very busy

    First visit to the dentist last week. I didn't have a hard time opening my mouth for him, damn he is cute although he looks about experience with dentists have always been old men...(aside from my favorite dentist friend). Jo did great and will go back in August to have her teeth tickled! She was a real trooper! I have to go back in April for a little cavity and a good cleaning. I haven't seen a dentist since before Jo was born. I've been told that socially doesn't count ;-)

    Daddy is done nightshifts and back to normal, although his body still wants that after supper sleep! ET was cuddling just for fun! He fell asleep after supper in my dad's couch. With 4 kids running around I have no idea how he slept!

    Jo cut her hair. It's hard to see, but she took off about 4 inches just below the elastic. I left her in the capable hands of her father while I had a bath. It could have been much worse!

    One of these days I'll do a proper update....I promise

    posted by Northern Mom @ 10:35 p.m.   5 comments
    Thursday, February 15, 2007
    My Sweet Girl

    This is how Jo looked 2 weeks ago after spending most of the night with a stomach bug. She let me take her temperature and throughout the day she started feeling better. Daddy then got it that weekend and I thought I was home free. It had been 2 weeks, right? I wasn't feeling really great yesterday morning, but managed breakfast fine and even lunch was alright. As the afternoon wore on I kept feeling more and more nauseous and the thought of leaning into the toilet at work was making things worse. At 310 I cleared my desk, said I was sorry and left. By the time I got home I thought I was going to keel over. Poor hubby is sleeping (tonight is the last night shift) and he had no idea I was even home until he came stumbling out of the bedroom to see what all the retching was about. He then asked me if I had gotten flowers and it seems I missed my delivery by half an hour. They are sitting on my desk and hubby will either bring them home this morning for me, or I'll get them tomorrow if I feel up to going in.

    Now...for my sweet girl....
    When she was sick 2 weeks ago, I felt so helpless knowing there was nothing I could do to help, so I just rubbed her back, kissed her now and then and tried to keep her comfy. I woke up a few times last night before she went to bed to little kisses on my forehead and a little rub on my arm or leg. She had supper with daddy and then came to the basement to play so I could rest. After she had gone to bed I woke and found extra pillows for me (her little doll pillows) and one of her tiny quilts over my feet. Hubby said she just kept checking on me to see if I was OK!

    My sweet girl!
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    posted by Northern Mom @ 8:22 a.m.   5 comments
    Sunday, February 11, 2007
    The First Painting

    I did it....I registered Jo for school.....I can't believe that my baby is old enough to get on the Big Yellow School Bus and spend all day at school. I was surprised at the size of the school, although I know I shouldn't have been. I've been in there before and it's the same layout as the school that I graduated from. There are locks on the doors that lead to where all the classrooms are and her class seems so far away from the main doors. The fact that there are locks scares me....I think it's a great idea, but we were never locked in. It is such a different time than when we started school.

    Once we were settled into the classroom and I had filled out all of the paperwork we went off exploring. Found the bathrooms. The sinks are low enough for Jo to reach and turn the taps on and off. We found the water fountains and the library. She had a snack, met the lady who might be her teacher in September, made a Valentine that is hanging proudly on the wall in my office at work and painted the above. She wasn't shy at all and just made herself right at home with all the other kids. I have to admit that it was worse for me than for her, I felt like I was the oldest parent in the classroom. I probably wasn't....but.....

    I had a very productive weekend. I started last weekend trying to clean out the rec room/play room for Jo. I got all the toys sorted and the junk out of there and she was thrilled to be able to play down here today. I still have a huge mess sitting in part of the basement which all needs to be sorted into give/garbage/keep and eBay piles. All of this has to be done before Friday morning when the Furnace guy is coming over to gove hubby a quote. We got a note from the company that we rent our hotwater tank from with this great offer. If we buy a central air system we get a furnace for free. I gotta wonder how that will work, but we know our budget and both agree that we don't really need central air and that for the amount that we would use it, it's not really practical. We are both at work all day and we have a small one that goes in the window. I think that's all we need, but if the price is right then we just might do it.

    Off for tonight.......
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    posted by Northern Mom @ 9:53 p.m.   2 comments
    Friday, February 09, 2007
    Say it isn't so....
    If this is for real, then I really have to wonder...
    -Why she can and I never could?
    -Why so many of us spend and spend and spend for a chance?
    -Why so many couples go through hell and back?
    -Is she fit to raise a child?
    -What will become of the child when he finds out the past?

    Most are rhetorical questions....It just really pisses me off!
    posted by Northern Mom @ 9:49 p.m.   4 comments
    Monday, February 05, 2007
    It's a tad cold
    I was really liking winter until about 2 weeks ago when the deep freeze set in. It is cold here all day and worse at night. The forecasted low for tonight is -27C and the high for tomorrow is only -15C and then factor in the wind.....

    Nothing new here....let's see

    I was awake almost all of Wednesday night with Jo who had a nasty stomach bug and then hubby got it and was in bed from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. I am just hoping that I won't be next.

    I am slowly mucking out and organizing the basement. It really needs it and if it hasn't been used in the last year, then out it goes. I will be putting some of it on eBay so I can get the Camera I want

    Things are busy enough at work and I am getting more comfortable with the Payable side of the job having been doing it now for almost a month.

    I got myself 2 new pair of glasses last week. The Optometrist mentioned bifocals, but the optician said it wasn't worth it...thank goodness!

    We are going on Thursday to register Jo for school (SOB). We have decided on the Public Board and she will be going to French Immersion.

    We also have dental appointments booked for Jo and myself sometime this month. I have the date written down at work. The dentist is supposed to be amazing with kids and Jo has already decided that it's going to hurt and we are trying to convince her that it's not. Let's hope she behaves.

    That's about it for now...more another day!
    posted by Northern Mom @ 7:40 p.m.   3 comments
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