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  • Tuesday, September 04, 2007
    Mommy, Was I in Your Tummy?
    I was really hoping that this question would wait until Jo was 8, 9 maybe even 30. It came the night before we put the dog down. Great timing.

    Here's how the conversation went

    Jo: Mommy was I in your Tummy?
    Me: No sweetie you weren't
    Jo: Why not?
    Me:Because my tummy was broken
    Jo:Why didn't the Doctor fix it
    Me:I don't know, he tried
    Jo:What was wrong with it
    Me: I'm not sure
    Jo:So, whose tummy was I in?
    (this is where I really start to squirm)
    Me:There was a very special lady that knew we wanted a baby girl. She had a baby girl in her tummy and when you were born she gave you to us at the hospital.
    Jo:Mom, can we talk about this? (her arms are crossed and she's looking very serious)
    Me:Sure we can talk about this
    Jo:Why couldn't the Doctor fix your tummy?
    Me:I really don't know

    That was it, she took off to play with some of her toys and has only asked a few more questions.
    I went to Chapters and picked up Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born which was written by Jamie Lee Curtis. It's a great way to try and explain it.

    She's mentioned the Special Lady once or twice since then, but is more concerned that my tummy is broken more than anything else.

    posted by Northern Mom @ 10:34 p.m.  
    • At 1:36 p.m., Blogger Silver Creek Mom said…

      Aww that's so sweet. You can fill her in as a need to know bases. Just to simple answers and it will never bee a shock to her. WELL In my uneducated opinion.

    • At 2:51 p.m., Anonymous DaniGirl said…

      Oy! And I thought the "if I was in your tummy, how did I get out?" conversation with Tristan last week was complicated!

      I agree with Sharon, honesty filtered in bits and pieces is probably your best approach. Funny how they get fixated on your "boo boos", isn't it?

    • At 10:40 a.m., Blogger C said… Well, you handled the situation really well. I think it is so sweet how Jo was more concerned with you and your tummy than anything else.

      So sorry you guys had to put your dog down :( Hugs xo

    • At 8:33 p.m., Blogger BeachMama said…

      I know that the question was bound to come up, but I feel a little responsible as she was gingerly patting my belly only days before. I think you answered very well and all these types of questions are hard. J has asked twice now how the baby got out of my belly (once before she arrived and once after). I really don't want to share that right now so I told him it was a Big Boy secret and one day he would find out all the details.

      I have heard of Jamie Lee Curtis' book and that is is quite good. Hope it helps Jo out.

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