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  • Sunday, October 21, 2007
    It's been ages....
    .....since I have blogged about anything.

    Lemme see, what's been keeping me so busy?

    We had a wedding to go to on Labour Day Weekend, followed by a great day at camp on Sunday with some great friends!
    Jo had her first day of school and yes, Mommy cried. I didn't let Jo see me cry. She has adjusted very well to going to school. She looks forward to going and has even gone on a field trip to a farm in Sturgeon Falls and got her very own citroulle to paint. She is soaking up the french really well!

    Her fourth (yikes) birthday was actually very quiet. On her actual birthday we went out to supper with some friends and then on the Sunday she had some other friends over for cake and ice cream. Baby Alive was her favourite gift. I'm actually buying diapers again. The newborn size fit the doll just fine and are much cheaper than the diapers that come with the doll.

    We are at the Y on Saturdays and Sundays and sometimes try to go at least once during the week. Jo is doing great in her swimming lessons and her dance classes are just too cute. Maybe after Christmas we will get back into gymnastics!

    There must be more.....maybe another update later on!
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    Monday, September 24, 2007
    Happy Birthday
    I have yet to post about the first day of school, or how well she has adjusted, or the first dance class, or the progress she is making in the pool, or a million other things that are going on around here to keep us busy.

    My baby will be 4 tomorrow....where has the time gone???
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    Tuesday, September 04, 2007
    Mommy, Was I in Your Tummy?
    I was really hoping that this question would wait until Jo was 8, 9 maybe even 30. It came the night before we put the dog down. Great timing.

    Here's how the conversation went

    Jo: Mommy was I in your Tummy?
    Me: No sweetie you weren't
    Jo: Why not?
    Me:Because my tummy was broken
    Jo:Why didn't the Doctor fix it
    Me:I don't know, he tried
    Jo:What was wrong with it
    Me: I'm not sure
    Jo:So, whose tummy was I in?
    (this is where I really start to squirm)
    Me:There was a very special lady that knew we wanted a baby girl. She had a baby girl in her tummy and when you were born she gave you to us at the hospital.
    Jo:Mom, can we talk about this? (her arms are crossed and she's looking very serious)
    Me:Sure we can talk about this
    Jo:Why couldn't the Doctor fix your tummy?
    Me:I really don't know

    That was it, she took off to play with some of her toys and has only asked a few more questions.
    I went to Chapters and picked up Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born which was written by Jamie Lee Curtis. It's a great way to try and explain it.

    She's mentioned the Special Lady once or twice since then, but is more concerned that my tummy is broken more than anything else.

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    Where did August go?
    The end of July brought Grandpa for a visit! He was actually here for his birthday and we had a great visit with him and some of hubby's brothers who popped in to visit too! While we were on our way to Calabogie, Grandpa was off to Timmins for a 50th Wedding Anniversary for his brother and wife.

    We went to Calabogie for a party this time! In November my grandparents will be celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary so a party was planned when the weather is much more agreeable to have an outdoor party. It was great to see family members that we haven't seen in a long time and there were friends that we hadn't seen in a long time either!

    Congrats to Nana and Grampa and Happy Birthday to both of you! They were both 85 on the 22nd and the 23rd of August. My grandfather is one day older than my Nana!

    The day after the party brought some friends from Ottawa to visit for the afternoon! We all had an amazing time. I can't wait to meet the little girl that Jo is feeling in this picture. I think she was feeling one of her feet. This spawned a great conversation when we got home. That might be whole new post in itself!

    On Monday night we packed up the trailer and made the short drive to Cobden and checked in to the Campground at Logos Land. It was a nice enough resort, but we were spoiled so far this summer with flat campgrounds. We learned to double check when making reservations to make sure the lot is level. I think we had to jack about 3 feet in the front to level out and we didn't need the step at the back door at all.

    There was lots for the kids to do including the Petting Zoo

    The Red Racing Slide was Jo's favourite, but Alex preferred the Blue Slides. They were a little slower! It would seem that I have a little Dare Devil on my hands. I have a bunch of pictures posted here.

    Stay tuned for the rest of August. I'll try and get to it tomorrow night!
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    Friday, August 31, 2007
    What a Summer Part 1
    We had an insanely busy summer this year! The last time I really updated on what was happening around here it was back in May.

    Lemme see if I can remember all that we did this...

    In June we went to camp for a 65th birthday party and had an awesome time as always, my sister and I took our (used to be) annual trip to Wonderland and did some shopping while we were there too! Hubby and I golfed in a best ball tournament and had a blast as always. It was the only time that I had my clubs out this year.

    July was the start of our holidays and we both took a week off and travelled to Calabogie for Canada Day. What a great place to spend the holiday weekend.

    R, A and Jo on the shores of Calabogie Lake!
    All showing some patriotism!!

    The kids has a great time and the fireworks were amazing. We spent a few days camping with my sister and her family and my brother as well. Everyone else went home on Monday, but Hubby, Jo my nephew and I stayed until Wednesday morning. Jo, Alex and I went into Ottawa and had a quick play date and lunch with a few fellow bloggers. Silver Creek Mom, Twin Mom and Laurie from the Emma Report hosted! It was great to see them and we had an awesome afternoon!

    The weather was a little iffy and of course when we were packing up it started to rain. Thankfully hubby had the foresight to start packing up before it started to rain. I was in town at the Laundry Mat washing all the bedding and dirty clothes from the first part of the week. Both kids decided to wet the bed....too much fresh air I suppose. By lunch time we had said our goodbyes to Nana and Grampa and we were off to Bracebridge were we spent 3 nights at
    Santa's Whispering Pines Campground which was conveniently across the road from Santa's Village where the 4 of us spent 2 full days going on the rides, playing and just having fun!

    The rode the Jumping Star over and over

    The Airplanes were great fun!

    The Roller Coaster was by far the favourite ride

    It had apparently rained at home the few days were in Bracebridge, but we only had about 3 drops of rain the entire time. It only rained on Wednesday when we were travelling and then again on Saturday when we travelled home. It was a great place to spend a few days and the kids could pretty much run free through the park. It wasn't too busy nor was it too big!

    You can see a bunch more pictures here and here

    Jo, Kelsey and I made a last minute tour to my brother in laws house near Lake Simcoe. We attended a birthday party and spent Sunday at the Toronto Zoo We had an awesome time although it must have been the hottest day of the summer. Thankfully there is a water park at the zoo and the kids had an awesome time all around. You can see our pictures here.

    Saturday night of that weekend I left Kelsey to watch Jo with her cousins for the evening and went to Casionorama and managed to come home with a bunch more money than I went there with. The first time I won the 3 symbols were all on the screen, but not in a line so I didn't think I had won anything. The bells were ringing and the lights were flashing! Brenda forgot to tell me that the "Quick Pay" symbols don't have to be in a line, as long as they were all on the screen. I collected my loot and moved over to another machine and a few minutes later the Bells and Lights were going again! This time I split my win with Brenda! I couldn't believe it! twice in a span of about 10 minutes. What a rush. I could see how quickly it could become addicting. The best part was that I finally got my Camera. I couldn't decide between the 8mp and the 10.1 mp and finally opted for the 8. I had been dreaming about this camera since before Christmas last year and finally got it. Now I need to go back to the casino to win enough to buy all the toys I want for it! If only it were that simple. Maybe I'll be a good girl and Santa will put some of the accessories under the tree for me.

    June and July are covered, maybe tomorrow night I'll get to August and be caught up enough that I'll be able to fill you all in on Jo's first day of school on Thursday.

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    It's so quiet
    It's hard to believe that summer is done.
    It's hard to believe that Kelsey has gone home.
    It's very quiet, almost too quiet
    Did I mention that Kelsey went home
    It's just too quiet...
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    Tuesday, August 14, 2007
    Kita June 25th 1997 to August 9 2007

    This is Kita. She was my first baby. When we brought her home she was only 4 pounds and the cutest little puppy ever. She was the quietest from her litter and was actually a pretty great dog. We taught her to sit, lay down, shake a paw and she talked to us too. She never really barked much but she could talk up a storm in a howling kinda way. When we brought Jo home she never really paid much attention until I noticed her barking more when someone was in the yard or at the door. Last summer at Nana's we gave Jo some freedom to ride her bike alone on the property and I couldn't believe how the dog s
    tayed with her all the time.

    Last week we had to make the awful decision to put her down. She had bitten Jo's tummy one night out in the yard and didn't break the skin but we knew this was a warning. While in a campground last week she bit one of the campers, a little boy who was 6 or 7. His dad wasn't upset and just wanted us to know that his son went to kiss her and she snapped at him and bit his lip. I started to cry when he told me this and I went to find hubby to let him know what had happened. We knew what we had to do.

    On Thursday we took Kita to one of the kennels where she was to be put to sleep. We sent Jo to play with some of her friends down the street and we took her together. I have never done anything so difficult in all of my life. We sobbed trying to give the information and then when they took her away and most of the way home.

    Hubby took her rope down and we did our best to put happy faces on and enjoy the rest of our vacation. When we got home on Sunday night we faced an empty house without being greeted at the door. I took her bowls and put them outside. I think hubby put them in the garage. The Milkbones have been given away and all that remains is the fur that has gathered around the house and our memories. I'm sure we will find her babies and toys as time goes on, she loved to bury and hide everything.

    Kita, you will be missed by all of us. You were a great dog and loved by many.

    Jo's take on all of this, she knows Kita is in heaven and she said that she can't hear her barking but can see her biting the angels....who knows?

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    Wednesday, August 08, 2007
    Growing Up
    I promise a proper post once things have settled for the summer. We've been crazy busy and loving all of it!
    Until then here is a comparison shot!!

    July 31st 2004

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    August 4th 2007

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    Tuesday, June 19, 2007
    She's home!
    She's not out of the woods, but she's home!! She will have to travel to Sick Kids every 3 to 4 weeks for Cryo and Laser treatments and they will be keeping a close watch to be sure the tumor doesn't grow. She is just not big enough yet for another round of chemo so this is now the course of action. We are thrilled that she is home.

    The pictures are from tonight.

    We've been crazy busy. I'll update on us soon.

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